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I have a brother who is five years older than me. My brother was suppose to be watching me every day after school and had to stay home, so he always had a houseful of friends over to hang out with him. As a young teen, I learned a lot about sex from just listening to their sex stories; bragging about all the girls they had been with and what they had done. Talk about sex education!

When I was a little girl they would rough house with me and try to push me around, making me wait on them hand and foot. I was the one who had to go get the sodas, hand them things; basically just be their little servant. His friends were constantly teasing me and treating me like their pesky little sister; but when I got a little older and started getting little teen tits and ass, they started treating me a lot differently.


I was still the object of a lot of teasing and they still messed with me, but it wasn’t the same. They would pinch my hard nips and laugh saying ‘baby got boobs‘! It was so humiliating! I didn’t want to have boobies and I sure didn’t want them noticing or making fun of them. Sometimes when I walked through the room in a little t-shirt with no bra, they would laugh at my bouncing boobs. They even tried to get me to show them my young teen tits so they could ‘give me their opinion’.

They were always grabbing at me and pulling me down on their laps whenever I walked by them. I know they were just trying to feel me up. They even teased me, saying I would never get a boyfriend because no boy would want me as a girlfriend because I didn’t know how to give a handjob. One of them said he would take pity on me and would be willing to let me practice on him, and walk me through giving my first blowjob.


One day I just got so aggravated with them always making jokes and teasing me all the time about my small tits and  round ass, even telling me I had a kim kardashian ass, that I finally told all of them that they could just ‘kiss my ass’!  I should have known that someone would take me up on the offer. One of them said ‘bare it’, like a dare and I bet he didn’t think I would. But I just lifted up my skirt right up, pulled down my panties and offered him myass to kiss. And guess what? He did! *giggle*

Actually, it was pretty hot having my naked ass kissed. I might take him up on his offer to check out my tiny teen tits or might even have teen phone sex with him!

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