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Original Story by: Shannon
sexy-teenMy friend Staci and I were at Macy’s the other day, when we noticed this guy sniffing around in the lingerie department, well not ACTUALLY sniffing, but you know what I mean..feeling the silky panties, looking at the nylons, stuff like that, thinking nobody was watching him. So we decided to have a little fun with him! Staci goes up to him and says What the hell do you think you’re doing? LOL ~ he looked like he wanted to run, his face got all red, eyes watered up like he was gonna cry…too funny! Anyway, he’s like “ummmm…I was just looking for a present for my mom.” RIGHT hehehe…so she says Hey wanna go shopping with US? He looks at me, looks back to her and says, I guess so.

So we looked around some more, and I coaxed him into the fitting room with me just to feel the fabric of some of the lingerie (like I was gonna let him see ME without clothes on pppffttt) ~ he loved it, he would close his eyes, feel the fabric…like he was getting off on it, right? BUT the funny thing WAS, I was looking at his *crotch* and couldn’t see ANYTHING! No wood, no nothin! There were no other girls in the fitting rooms at the moment, so I reached over and grabbed him in the area where there *should* have been SOMETHING, and all I could feel was this little mound!! I was like OMG, where is your dick?!! His face got all red again, and he started to stammer…umm, what do you mean?? “WHERE IS YOUR DICK”?

I said PULL YOUR PANTS DOWN RIGHT NOW ~ he was like No, I don’t want to!!! I said DO IT!! So he unbuttons his pants, down goes the zipper, and here he had on pink silk panties (which did NOT surprise me), but the funny thing was his little thing (what there was of it) was all tucked up in the panties, had BALLS the size of grapes, no hair, OMG it was the funniest thing I ever saw!!! I made him pull the panties back up so Staci could see them, and I called Staci into the room with us, I made this pp (pinky pecker) stand on the bench in the fitting room, and when Staci came in she looked…then looked again…then BUSTED out laughing!! She’s like OMG where is his dick?!?? I told her to pull down his *panties* and see for herself! PP’s face was BEET red now, and he REALLY looked like he was gonna cry *LOL* ~ She pulls down his panties and grabbed his pp between her thumb and forefinger, and squeezed it. At this point it started to get semi hard, musta went a whole 3 inches ~ and that cracked Staci up even more!! OMG look at it!! she said…it’s trying to get hard! I pinched one of his grape nuts and a little bit of pre-cum oozed out of his pp…I look up at him and he’s actually getting off on us laughing and poking fun at him! His eyes were closed and he was in heaven! SO FUCKING FUNNY!!

So now the pp was in full *erection* the whole 3 inches, and Staci was like “let’s make him cum” and she started to jack the little willy off between her thumb and forefinger, while calling him every name in the book ~ “little wormy boy…pinky dick…widdle wee wee…3 inch boner…grape dick…pin dick…clitty boy…lil girly dick…dick wrinkle…lil clit boy…” you name it she called him that while she *stroked* his lil clit…I look up and he’s got his finger in his mouth getting his finger all wet, then he reached back and SHOVES his finger up his ass, saying “fuck my man cunt…fuck my man cunt…” OMG unbelievable!

Next thing ya know he starts *spurting* cum ~ must have been a whole half teaspoon…LOL…it was hilarious!! So Staci was like “eeeewwwww” get that shit away from me, now YOU are cleaning it up!!! So he gets some kleenex out of his pocket and wipes up the little puddle (if you could call it that) of cum off the bench, and Staci says Let’s get out of here before one of the worker’s comes in here…but I did check to see if anyone was watching and nobody was ~ so pp got out with nobody watching, but I bet he will never forget his day at Macy’s LOL…

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