Called To Duty

Original Story by: Horny Amber

It seems as though I have enjoyed the thought of being intimate with someone ever since I hit puberty. Porn didn’t bother me and in fact it seemed to do quite the opposite, porn turned me on more than it normally would for a typical teenage girl. I liked nudie magazines and reading erotic stories. Sex intrigued me and I was more than ready to explore by the time I turned 18.

I had a class my senior year and that is where I met my very good friend Kristen. We spent 3 hours together each day, Monday through Friday for that whole school year. During that time we became exceptionally close but there was something about Kristen that was unlike a typical high school senior, she was married. She got married when she was 16 to a guy in the military and they had just transferred to the area. So she definitely had some life experience as far as I was concerned.

Kristen was a cute girl, nothing amazing but cute nonetheless. She was about 5’5,125lbs, 34 B breasts, blondish curly hair, and as you can imagine a tight body being that she was 18 like myself.  I was a little bit chubbier at 140lbs, 5’4, 36 B breasts, long auburn hair, and a plump ass. So when we went out together we would pick up our fair share of men and had a fun time flirting. Even though Kristen was married, it was a very open relationship, at least on her end. Especially once he went out on deployment for the military. He was gone for 6 months total and she was left with an empty house and a best friend to hang out with her for the next 6 months.

We essentially lived together once we graduated, which left us with a solid 4 months left of pure freedom. I surely had never had such freedom in my life and planned to take full advantage of it. I am not sure how things became so open between the two of us sexually but it feels like one minute we were just typical girlfriends and next thing you know we were taking showers together on a regular basis. I still remember the feel of her skin and how soft and sweet her lips were. I completely understand why men love women. Most of the time we wouldn’t go much further than kissing and fondling, which was still fun but on a rare occasion we would go to the next level.

One night we had gone out and we were looking for military guys who were old enough to buy us alcohol. We found a group of guys hanging outside of their barracks and they were pretty good looking. So we decided to stop and ask if they would buy us some liquor. Of course they obliged and we were off to a pretty fun night ahead of us. We figured we would have more privacy and freedom back at Kristen’s place so we invited the guys to head back with us. On the way back Kristen and I discussed which guy we were into and if we would actually sleep with anyone. We both hadn’t had any male companionship in some time so we both agreed that we would no doubt fuck them and even discussed really rocking their world with a threesome or foursome!! I thought yeah right in my head but you can never predict what is going to happen.

We arrived at her place and immediately we were pouring shots and drinks. We decided that maybe we should put on something a bit more comfortable *wink wink* and returned with cute boy shorts and tank tops on. Kristen convinced me that bras were not necessary and she ended up being right. As soon as we stepped into the room I could feel the guys eyes locked onto us. I felt as though they were undressing what little I had left on with their eyes. My nipples were hard from their piercing eyes and I have to admit I was enjoying it. Kristen had a confident smirk on her face and I know she enjoyed teasing the boys as well. She turned on some music and then poured us a couple more shots to loosen the mood a bit more.

Kristen suggested giving the guys a stripper dance as a way to thank them for the drinks and I was more than happy to indulge the guys at this point. We told the guys, Kenny and Brian, to sit down and to enjoy the show. They sat down on the couch and we went to the middle of the living room. We started seductively dancing and grinding our bodies on each other. Kristen’s hands were working their way up and down my body. I had my hands behind her head and was getting so aroused that I found myself rubbing my pussy up against her creamy, soft thigh. We danced with each other for a bit and then motioned for the guys to come over and join us. We danced with both Kenny and Brian, neither one of us ever truly picking one guy. They were both attractive and why not make this a night to truly remember was my thinking. Everyone was essentially grinding and dancing with everyone in the middle of the living room and it seemed like it was about time we take this into the bedroom.

I took Kenny’s hand and Kristen took Brian’s hand and led them back to the bedroom. Thank goodness for the king size bed or this night probably would have never happened. Kristen and I stripped down naked for the guys and then proceeded to undress them as well. When we finally got them naked I was relieved to see that they were both well endowed and looked like they would be able to provide both of us with a good fuck! I started to fondle on Kristen a bit as they both watched and kissed her passionately. They were both standing at attention in no time. I laid Kristen down on the bed and spread her pussy open to give everyone a good view. She had a beautiful pussy, perfect lips, shaved, and tasted like sweet nectar. I was between her legs in no time, licking every inch of her sweetness. From her sweet hole to the tip of her clit I licked with pure pleasure. I moved over to give one of the guys access to her and Brian came over to lick her after me. While Brian was busy enjoying her Kenny took advantage of this opportunity to enjoy me as well.

He pushed me down on the bed and my legs were pushed open as wide as they would go. His tongue was between my lips ravishing my pussy before I even knew what was happening. My hips seemed to be grinding up on his face without me even realizing it. I looked over to see Kristen enjoying herself just as much as I was. I reached out and pinched on her perky nipples and she moaned with desire and pleasure. I could no longer stand it any longer and pulled Kenny up and begged him to fuck my pussy. His cock was throbbing and rock hard and I was more than wet, willing, and ready. He plunged his cock deep inside of me in one strong thrust. He filled up every inch of me and was pushing me down on the bed with the weight of his body. He was kissing me passionately now and he was thrusting in and out of me at a feverish rate. He slowed down for a moment though to watch Kristen getting fucked from behind by his friend and I was enjoying the show as well. I asked if he wanted to switch and he looked completely shocked but quickly said yes. I was more attracted to Brian any ways and wanted to give him a test drive.

The guys switched and Brian asked me to get on my knees first and Kenny asked the same of Kristen. We are both on our knees with their large cocks in front of our faces. We both take them in our mouths and begin to slowly suck on their cocks. One hand massaging on their balls and our mouths are slowly being glided onto their 8 inch cocks. Before I know it, his cock is at the back of my throat and I am loving his large cock in my mouth. I gag slightly but manage to take all of him. He seems pleased with this and starts to pick up the pace. His hands are on the back of my head and he is now in complete control. He is pinching my nipples and I am moaning as he fucks my mouth. He stops right before releasing and lifts me up on the bed and pushes my legs over my head. He slides his cock inch by inch into my wet, throbbing pussy. He is gentle at first and seems to be taking his time to enjoy my pussy clenching around his cock. My hands are on his ass and I am starting to pull him in deeper showing him I want him to pick up the pace. He starts thrusting deeper and faster, my legs are now wrapped around him, my perky breasts are bouncing up and down with each thrust, and you can hear his cock pounding in and out of me. His large balls are slapping up against my ass and I am rubbing on my clit while he penetrates me as deep as he can go. I know my pussy is taking all that it can and I love every single inch and every stroke.

We have both now forgotten about Kristen and Kenny and are only focused on ourselves. Our bodies are uniting as one and I know that Brian is now on the brink of releasing his hot cum inside of my pussy. He pulls me closer. He is as deep as he can go and shoots his hot load inside of me. I can feel the warmth of his cum hitting my cervix and it makes my pussy quiver in response. I am now having the most powerful orgasm and my pussy is flexing around his cock. I am squeezing the last drops of cum out of him.

We were all spent after that night and all slept soundly cuddled up in the king size bed. When morning came, we had breakfast and went for round 2!!

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