Train to Desire

Original Story by: Lady Leandra

Amy was so used to the sound of the wheels of the train, clacking along the rails towards home every night after her last shift in the city. Sometimes she would set the alarm on her phone to the arrival time at her stop and half-doze the miles away. She’d been on her feet most of the day, and her stilettos were tucked in her purse, replaced by a pair of comfy ballet flats. Sure the heels helped project the kickass image she needed working in a prominent publishing firm, but they were hell on her feet by the end of the day. With a sigh, she laid her head back on the seat and started dozing off.

“Excuse me, Miss. Would you mind letting me by to that seat next to you?” A velvety voice, like deep honey, dragged her out of her half-dream state.

“Huh? Oh…sure, I suppose.” She tucked her legs under her seat, slightly raising up to give him the most passing room possible. Amy didn’t even look at him until he flopped into the seat next to her, letting out an appreciative sigh that she could sympathize with. “Long day?” She asked conversationally, turning to face him.

Her world spun to a stop. He was gorgeous, like he had just stepped from the billboard of some posh fashion house. She could easily imagine him on the cover of the racy romance novels her firm published, his strong arms supporting some buxom babe on a windswept plain. Tall, lean, with bright green eyes and sandy blond hair. He was perfection, and she found herself staring rudely.

“Oh, yeah. Spent all day on Wall Street, trying to negotiate with miserly investors and avoiding my boss’ hot breath that always seems to be on my neck. The guy has micromanagement issues, and doesn’t seem to remember all the times I’ve saved his ass.” His eyes crinkled as he smiled at her, making Amy melt as his beautiful face got even more perfect.

“Sounds like my day. I work in publishing, and it was a hell of a day. Some writers can be such divas. I even had one try to send me, the assistant editor, out for a coffee and bagel. It was a madhouse today, what with the end of the first quarter coming up.” Amy sighed and broke eye contact, aware of a heat building up in her belly. It wouldn’t do to get all worked up by a stranger on the train, no matter how gorgeous. Her six month dry spell was in full swing, and she didn’t relish another night spent with just her fingers to keep her company. It’d be best to avoid getting worked up at all, though this guy could provide her with weeks of fodder for her fantasies. She gulped at the thought.

“Hi, I’m Evan. Nice to meet you.” He offered his hand and smiled.

“Amy. Likewise.” She found herself staring at his mouth, temporarily incapable of coherent thoughts that weren’t based around the wetness she suddenly felt beginning in her panties. All she could hope was that she wouldn’t stick to the seat when she stood up. She absentmindedly noticed that they were only four stops from hers. All the better, she thought. Her only hope to avoid a night of lonely masturbation was to get away from this Evan as fast as she could.

She was so busy in her thoughts that she only half-heard the next thing Evan said.

“So, tell me about yourself? You mentioned your job, but what do you like to do when you’re not working?” His intent gaze made her melt again, as he obviously wanted to hear the answer instead of just making small talk. She gulped again, struggling to form words from the vortex swirling inside her head. She finally managed to order her thoughts long enough to reply.

“I enjoy running, swimming, things like that. Anything that gets my blood pumping, my adrenaline going, that sort of thing. What about you?”

He chuckled and turned to settle back in his seat, still looking at her but obviously getting comfortable. “Well, I suppose I enjoy the same things. Though I’d imagine that you would kick my ass at swimming; I’m not as strong a swimmer as I am a runner. I’m working on it though, but what with work and the commute home, it’s hard to get in enough time to do both.” He stretched his arms above his head, lazily groaning as his tight shoulders loosened up. Amy was mesmerized. He was pure muscle under that button-down, she could tell. She fought off the desire to reach over and slide her hand across his stomach to feel the six pack she was sure was hidden there. Her pussy was getting drenched, and she was suddenly anxious for her stop to arrive. If she didn’t get away from him soon, her sex-deprived body was going to take over and she’d be mauling him like an animal. He suddenly smiled, and she panicked for a moment wondering if she’d spoken that thought out loud. When he lightly closed his eyes, she realized the conversation was over. Slightly disappointed, she gathered her belongings up in preparation for her stop. There were still three more to go, but she put her purse in her lap and wiggled her toes in her flats, not enjoying the thought of the walk to her car from the train stop. She spent the time left letting her eyes wander over the details of Evan’s face and body, storing them for later when she could rub one out before sleep. Most nights, she couldn’t sleep until she took the edge off that nagging slow burn between her legs. Masturbation never really took care of it, just made it manageable for a little while longer. If she didn’t get laid soon though, she was going to burn up from the need she felt. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize that Evan had opened his eyes and was watching her study him. She gasped and turned her head, a quick blush and hot feeling creeping up her neck and coloring her face. She was mortified.

“The last time I saw that look, it was a lion looking at a steak during feeding time. Mind sharing what you were thinking just then?”

Amy squeezed her eyes shut, trying to wish the moment away, to wish that it never happened. She just shook her head and kept her eyes closed against the humiliation. Her stop couldn’t get here fast enough, and there was nowhere else to sit so she was stuck here for the moment. Evan chuckled and she heard him shift in his seat, moving closer. Nothing prepared her for what happened next.

She gasped. His hand, his warm hand, was sliding up her thigh. Her skirt fell about mid-thigh, and already his fingertips were under the hem. Methodically, but relentlessly, his hand moved higher and higher. Amy felt a rush of heat in anticipation. The voices in her heads were a cacophony, one side screaming a resounding NO while the other side was lost in a chorus of moaning. With her mind so conflicted, her body took over. She felt humiliated as her legs opened of their own accord, just enough to let his fingers brush her inner thighs and finally they came to rest on her panties. Amy could barely breathe, she was so captivated and strung so tight she could almost cum just at the anticipation. His voice was suddenly in her ear, his breath tickling her neck.

“I think you want me to touch you, Amy. I won’t, unless you tell me to. Just nod or shake your head, okay?” He sweetened the deal by lightly stroking her inner thigh.

She couldn’t even speak. Amy was so lost in the singular sensation of that hand up her skirt, she just nodded and turned her face into his neck, ashamed but at the same time incapable of stopping him. She wanted it badly, and he knew it. She felt his fingers gently pull aside her panties, the wet fabric clinging to her folds. He murmured appreciatively at the resistance, sighing as his fingertips slipped along her slit.

“That is so hot, baby girl. Your pussy is soaked, and I’m going to enjoy finger fucking you.” Amy gasped into his neck, her belly suddenly clenching in passion. Just the thought of his fingers inside of her made her almost cum. Evan kept sliding his fingers up and down her wet slit, until he shifted so his palm rested on her clit and his fingers could gently probe her entrance. Amy opened her legs even more, her only thoughts being to get his fingers inside of her.

“Mmm, you are so wet. Are you ready?” Before she could even nod, one of his fingers slipped into her pussy, making her moan and lift her hips to meet his hand. He expertly fucked her pussy with that one finger, stretching her and stroking her g-spot while using the heel of his hand to rub her clit. Amy fought off the roaring fire this ignited in her, determined not to cum so quickly. It had been so long though, that she wasn’t sure she could last much longer.

“That’s it baby doll. Just hold on a little longer, I want to get at least another one in you.” Again, no warning as a second finger slid in along the first one, Amy gasping at the stretching it caused. Her pussy was tight from months without penetration, and despite how wet she was, Evan was having to slowly open her up more to really get a stroke going. All the while, he was still working her clit with his hand.

“Oh, god. That…that feels so fucking good. It’s been…a while. Please…don’t stop.” Her breath coming in gasps, Amy could only whisper into his neck as her passion mounted. She was going to blow, and soon.

Then suddenly, his fingers were gone. Amy collapsed and nearly sobbed, her pussy burning on the edge of orgasm, her hands gripping his shirt as she fought to not break down into tears. She looked up at his face, her eyes an angry storm, her face full of a humiliated blush. How dare he?

“How dare you! Why? Why…would you do that? You’re an asshole!” She was crying now, her breath coming out in whispered sobs as she covered her face.

“It’s your stop. I’ve been watching you for a while, trying to find the right time to approach you. Now that I have, and I’ve felt your delicious wet pussy, I am hoping that we’ll have another chance. Maybe one with more time?”

Amy just stared. He’d…been watching her? Somehow, the thought both creeped her out and thrilled her at the same time. She pondered the implications and decided that caution be damned. Her body demanded release, and he was going to give it to her. She leaned over and hissed in his ear, “Then why don’t you just come home with me and I’ll show you MORE.” The doors of the train whooshed open and she grabbed her stuff, stalking off the train without looking back to see if he followed. She was so angry and aroused that it was hard enough to walk straight. She got to her car, and without turning around opened the door and got in. She blew out an exasperated breath, letting her head loll back on the headrest, squeezing her eyes shut and trying to calm her body. She waited for a moment, unsure. What if he didn’t come? What if she saw him again? What if???

Her thoughts were interrupted by the passenger door opening. She smiled and started the engine. It was her day after all.

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