Interracial Cream Pie

Original Story by: Logan I wanted to tell you about my experience last night! I know a couple people out here that love to get fucked up, and they wanted me to go to a club with them, I don’t remember what it was called, I was just a little buzzed when we got there, […]

Webcam Trouble

Story Submitted by: Enchanting Eden Daddy’s Lil Pixie, that’s what he called her. She was his mischievous little sexy girl. She was, more often then not, either about to get into trouble, getting in trouble, or getting a well deserved and appreciated spanking for being in trouble. That’s the way they both liked it. She […]

The Watcher

Story Submitted by: Sexy Suzanne The phone rang at exactly 10:00 as always. Sandy picked it up but said nothing. Instead she listened for his harsh breathing. His breath was ragged and hurried, he was well into stroking his cock tonight. “Hello?” She said in a sweet demure voice. At the same time she slid […]

Sweet Caroline

Story Submitted by: Lovey Lorelei Caroline was my moms friend. I don’t remember a time when she wasn’t around, she was nearly a part of the family. She was a few years younger then my Mom and she was always fun. Whenever she baby-sat us it was always a great night. Games, and popcorn and […]

Fucked My Best Friends Married Brother

Original story by: Playful Pleasures It’s kind of a rule not to Fuck married men. It’s an even bigger rule to not Fuck your best friends brother, boyfriend, husband, anything to do with her life don’t Fuck them. I know that and I didn’t plan it to happen it just did. I’ve always had this […]

Sex Ed 101

Original story by:TeenTammie I have a brother who is five years older than me. My brother was suppose to be watching me every day after school and had to stay home, so he always had a houseful of friends over to hang out with him. As a young teen, I learned a lot about sex […]

Making of a Cumslut Bitchboy

Original Story by Mistress Violet: I’ve known Matt all of my life. We practically grew up together, but even as kids I was always the dominant one, in the relationship, whether it was deciding on what games we were going to play, to where we sat at lunch at school. We were inseparable, but he’s […]

Glory Hole Slut

Original Story by Sarah: There’s nothing quite like taking an eager slut to their 1st bookstore glory hole. I was all dressed up and ready to go out. My anticipation was making my pussy wet and I couldn’t wait for the look on Brian’s face. I descended the stairs and saw his mouth drop open […]

Cheating Wife

Original Story by Beth: So many callers tell me about their sweet, shy, wife/girlfriend and how she would never ever cheat on him. Of course not; it’s just the thought that turns him on. Besides he thinks, my wife is too shy and conservative for that. It makes me laugh when they say that because, […]

Pervert Neighbor

Original Story by Playful Pleasures: He’s at it again. I don’t think a day goes by that the sick pervert from across the street is not watching me or trying to. He’s truly sick, older than my dad and married; but still he stares and watches whenever he can get the chance. You think he […]

Zoey’s First Time

Original Story by Legal Teen Tease Zoey: It was my favorite little restaurant in the whole world. I went there every chance I could throughout high school. I went on all my dates and my friends and I were regulars there; they knew us by name. High School was coming to an end and I […]

A Trip To The Dentist

Original Story by Sensual Sexy Sharon: Sabrina arrived early,as usual at the dentists. She signed all of the forms and was pleasantly ushered in. She’d noticed a few changes since her last check up 6 months before. Some new wallpaper and paintings on the wall,some better background music than before. Even her dentist looked better,a […]

Cocks in Chains

I have the most amazing relationship and I wanted to share my secrets with all of the women out there. I had my boyfriend fitted for a chastity tube two years ago… When I want sex I tie him spread eagle to the bed after I make him remove all of his clothes. I then […]

After Class Lessons

Professor Anders was one of those older women who just never lost the Ummmmphhh God gave em. She was maybe in her late 50’s, classically graying hair, classy dress that only hinted at the body underneath. Best of all though, were those hot legs;  Long, Tina Turner, Ya-So-I’m-Older-But-I-Still-Look-Damn-Good legs. I would sit in class every […]

Seat of discipline

Uniforms, daily prayer, chapel, and strict discipline, those where the building blocks that molded the character of the young women that attended Lady of Mercy School for Girls!!! The theory being that by the time a girl graduated from Mercy she was ready to face the world!!! Of course in every organization there was always […]


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