Her First Lesbian Sex

Original Story by Katie:

One of my friends was staying over one night, and of course when you put two teen girls together, sooner than later, talk is always going to turn to boys and sex! But I was really shocked when she casually mentioned a threesome she had with her boyfriend and another girl.  I guess she sensed my surprise, because she asked if I had never had lesbian sex.

lesbian-girlsI told her about being at girl’s camp that one summer when I was a young teen, and how we had experimented with lesbians kissing; but I don’t that that really counted. I was young and had never even kissed a boy before. I don’t think that any of us knew how to kiss that well! *giggle*

I’d watched lesbian porn scenes on videos, and had always heard it was every guy’s fantasy to be with two hot girls at the same time. Once at a party, I had even watched two lesbians making out.  And although I thought that watching lesbians having sex was pretty hot, I never considered trying it myself.teen-lesbians

But I was more than eager to hear about her first lesbian sex and was full of questions! Did girls really use a lesbian strap on and fuck each other? Had she ever been with more than one girl at a time, like a lesbian threesome? Did a lesbian orgasm feel any different than an orgasm with a guy? I wanted her to tell me all her lesbian sex stories!

It made me so hot and horny just hearing her talk about lesbian sex, that I wanted to try it out too. We started kissing while undressing each other. Her lips were so soft!

At first, intimately touching another girl felt really strange to me. But before I knew it, we were caressing, licking and sucking every part of each other’s body.  It was like having teen sex for the first time, but between a couple of horny lesbians!

We spend a lot of time just exploring one another’s bodies, and grinding against each other. There was just something so sexy about the feel of her hard nipples rubbing against mine. Then when she slit her hand between my legs to finger my pussy, I just couldn’t believe how wet I was. When her soft tongue replaced her fingers, I swear I came right then!

Would I do it again? Oh, yes! I can’t wait to have sex with more than one girl at a time and make it a lesbian orgy! I still think I prefer having hot sex with guys instead of lesbian girls. Of course if we had a hot guy to join us, it would be just perfect! I like the thought of a guy watching us as we put on a show for him. Sharing a big hard cock with another girl is one fantasy I can’t wait to play out!

Ageplay Phone Sex With Teen Katie

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