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He’s at it again. I don’t think a day goes by that the sick pervert from across the street is not watching me or trying to. He’s truly sick, older than my dad and married; but still he stares and watches whenever he can get the chance. You think he would realize that odds are I’ve caught him by now and I’m just nice enough not to stomp over there, intrude in his life, tell his wife, and ruin his life. Of course he can’t think with the correct head when he’s watching; and when he thinks about watching, all the blood runs to the wrong head, then leading to him watching. Figures.

The Rileys have been my neighbors my whole life. Their son went to school with me. He was a year older, but in the same grade as me, so I know their family pretty well; which makes Mr. Riley that much more sick.

As much as I call him sick, I guess I’m just as sick because I never do shut my curtains. I mean I could do that, then he would get the hint that I caught him. That I know what he does from his bathroom window; probably jerking that old man cock of his. It kind of turns me on to  know his bathroom has been wanked in so many times because of the naughty things I am doing. I never told anyone about it , so I guess I’m an enabler of his naughty ways. But what am I suppose to say? “Mom, Dad; Mister Riley watches as I change from his bathroom and I never shut my curtains because it makes me a little wet.” I really do not think that would fly.

Anyway, today was the last day I was having it. There was no doubt in my mind he was jerking that cock today because his house was empty, and my parents were about to go to some party, so we were both practically alone.

I didn’t know what kind of day this was going to be, but well it was an all-or-nothing thing I was attempting. Put on my flip flops as I was out tanning this morning in my bikini and didn’t have a reason to get dressed yet. I marched my pretty butt over there and knocked on the door. I heard him stumbling around, muttering some words, and heard a “I’m cumming”. I really hoped not!  LOL.

He answered, all out of breath and hot, and his face was beat red. I wasn’t sure if that was from him beating his meat, or his embarrassment. So I pushed the door open and walked my ass in there. I knew he wouldn’t of invited me in. I sat down on the couch, crossed my legs, and said we needed to talk. He just stood there, then after staring, muttered, “About what?”

I jumped up, “About what!?”, nodding my head back and forth. “You think all these years you’ve been watching and jacking off, I haven’t caught you once?”

I never thought I’d see a grown man cry. but it really looked like he was about to. That was when he started to beg. “Please don’t tell my wife. Please Gia, I’ll do anything,  just don’t tell My wife.”

I got really wet having that power over him. I told him to drop his pants. He took a double look and asked why. Poor Mister Riley shouldn’t of asked that.

“Why! Because Mister Riley I fucking said So! Last time I checked your wife was unaware that you were watching me, wasn’t she? It sure would be a shame to have her little heart broken with the sick news that her husband is a Pervert!”

I think heard his heart thumping; that’s how scared he was. I just wanted to fuck him, but he had to go and make this hard. Why can’t men just do what I tell them the first time?  He did have a nice cock. I think maybe 7 or 8 inches. Which shocked me that he even had to masturbate! I mean, don’t older women jump all over big cocks? You’d think he would be well satisfied. Oh well; she was an old lady.

I walked over to him, dropped to my knees and started sucking his hard cock. I gagged a bit, but that was okay. I enjoyed sucking cock; but that’s not all I was going to do. I got up, looked at him; his face has pure shock on it. I took my hand and pushed him back into the couch, and slid off my bikini bottoms, and started riding him. I think he nearly came right then and there. Which made me laugh, and told him he better not cum yet; I wasn’t ready. I rode him so hard, and when I did cum, I squirted all over his cock. He looked at me like, “What next?” So I got really close to his ear and whispered, “Cum now. Right there in my tight cunt. The one you’ve been watching.'” He came within seconds, almost like he needed my permission to cum. I got off of him, grabbed my bottoms, put them on just in time for his son to come strolling in.

“Jake!! Its about time you’re home! I was just about to leave if your slow ass didn’t get here. Ready to go swimming?”

Playful Pleasures

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