Daddy’s little stripper


I live with my wife and daughter, and I am happily settling into becoming middle aged. Except sometimes, when I see a beautiful young girl walking by in a summer dress, and I dream of other times. Not that my wife isn’t beautiful. She has blond hair, dark eyes, long legs ending in a tight firm ass. Her long neck flows down to that kissable cleft of the throat, and her breasts are round and full. I often catch men looking at her as she goes by, and I wonder if she knows sees it too. Probably, as women seem to have a 6th sense about some things.
My daughter couldn’t wait to get her driver’s license and get out and get a job to pay for her love of clothes. At 16 we gave her a car, and she quickly found work at the mall. Over time she had a string of jobs as all kids do, and I was happy to see her growing up, and enjoying her friends. She turned into a beauty too! Her mothers legs, hips, and golder hair. Sparkling blue eyes, with a slim waist and smaller firm breasts. I am always amazed at how the girls these days dress, and look so much more attractively than when I was on school, and my daughter was no different. Always in fun comfortable, but also a little sexy clothing.
My daughter finally settled on a job she seemed to enjoy, but never talked about much, but she worked regularly after school and on weekends. It paid for her pocket money, clothes and she was starting to put money aside for college.
My wife was out of town frequently for her job, and one time when she was away, I decided to knock off work early. The house was empty, so I went out for a drive. As I passed the mall, heading to my club, I noticed all the girls out in the hot spring sunshine, happy to have left their coats behind, and laughing together. I could feel a tightening in my crotch, and decided that it was time to pay a trip to a strip club. I don’t go much, but every now and then the voyeur thing in me gets going.
Not wanting to be too close to home, I drove across town and went inside. It was the usual place, some girls in cocktail dresses sitting and talking to their friends, and, of course, a girl on the stage doing a strip tease down to nothing. The guys around the stage watching were either jumping and throwing dollar bills around, or sitting back and enjoying the view with happy smiles on their faces.


I ordered a scotch, and settled into a chair near the wall, so I could see the whole room and just enjoy the atmosphere. And of course watching the girls. The one on stage was pretty attractive, and was doing a great job of doing something that is really hard to do gracefully. That is, to get out of your clothes, and only show off the best parts of your body. I have tremendous respect for any dancer who can do that.
Around me the girls not dancing, were mingling with the other men, offering dances, either dressed, or nude. No touching of any kind, but as I glanced around it was obvious that the girls knew how to keep the men interested. I turned down a few offers, but finally accepted a nude dance from an attractive brunette, who was somehow able, without touching me, to get me hard and excited. After talking to her for a few minutes, I noticed a new girl was dancing on the stage.
Wearing a long black strapless sheath of satin she had her back to the crowd, and was letting the dress slip slowly to the ground. Her beautiful shoulders tapered to her waist, and then the swell of her hips and as were exposed. Wearing a black thong, that only accentuated her round ass, the dress continued to fall to the ground, exposing her long shapely legs. Despite myself, I was drawn to her, and couldn’t take my eyes off her. I was getting really tight in the pit of my stomach, and could feel my whole body reacting to her.
She slowly turned around, and my eyes moved from her high heels, slowly up the length of her legs to her where they joined. A perfect little flat tummy, turned, as I forced myself to slow down, and enjoy it, flowed into two perfect breasts. Smaller than some guys might like, but firm and round, topped with nipples that puffed out and up, waiting for someone to pay attention to them. As I looked up, I suddenly realized that this was my daughter! Excited, shocked and mortified at my thoughts, I turned to try and get up and leave, but there were lots of people around and I was forced to stay there, if I didn’t want to make a scene leaving.
I looked around the room, and soon another girl was on stage. I tried to relax a little, and decided to finish my drink, and then leave gracefully. My eyes wandered around the room, and suddenly rested on my daughter doing a nude dance for a guy 15 feet away. I watched as she moved slowly around him, showing him her breasts near his mouth, and then blowing in his ear. Each time he moved towards her she smoothly twisted or turned in a way that said, I am yours, but you can’t touch me. she turned and waved her ass in front of him, and then slowly bent down between his legs. In spite of myself, my pants were tented with my hard penis, and I was imagining what that would be like. I had to get out of there!
I drove home, and wondered how to handle the events of the afternoon. Should I confront her and tel her I knew what she was doing? Could I tell her I was there and saw her? I had a little dinner, and settled into the big leather chair in the study, trying to read, and sipping on a glass of after dinner port. I heard her car in the driveway, and knew I had no more time to decide what to do.
I met her in the front hall, and said “Princess, we need to talk now. In the study.” She looked at me eyes wide, and hair windblown from the ride home, and said “OK Dad, but just let me change from work.” She bounced up the stairs, and I went back to my chair and waited. My anger had flowed out of me, when I had seen her looking so happy.
I waited for her to shower, and then heard her coming down the stairs. I heard her turn on some music, and then she came around the corner. She looked stunning, makeup just right, blond hair up, and falling down at the same time, and wearing the same long black dress, and heels. She stood there looking at me with her mouth slightly parted. “Daddy, I saw you at my work today. Janice said that you really liked her dance for you, and that she thought your were a nice guy. Oh Daddy, I am glad you know what I do! It has been hard to not tell you. I want you to just sit there, and I want to show you how I dance. But this time Daddy, there is no-one to stop us from touching!”


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