Dad Doing Daughter

Original Story by Megan:

While other young girls got punished with a spanking when they were naughty, that’s not how my daddy punished me. When I was a bad girl or got into trouble (and somehow I always managed to get into trouble), I didn’t get over the knee punishment. Daddy would come to my room to administer his own type of punishment. But it wasn’t a belt or paddle that he pulled out.teen ass
At first my punishment was to strip naked while he would jerk off looking at his preteen nude daughter’s puffy nipples and young pussy. But at some point daddy decided that wasn’t punishment enough. He then started having me get on my knees and knell in front of him. He would force me to open my mouth while he plunged his big daddy dick in and out for a blowjob, until I would gag and choke.  When daddy had either cum in my mouth or given me a cum facial, he would call me his little lolita, and say that I had been punished enough for now. Cum swallowing got to be my favorite punishment, and I think I actually became pretty good at sucking cock.

As I got older, it would change. Daddy said that I wasn’t learning my lesson as I was still behaving badly, and so he would just have to administer stricter punishments.  Daddy would make me lie on my tummy with my little hinny up in the air and force his big dick all the way into my teeny tight ass, anal fucking me and stretching it wide. anal fucking
First time anal sex really hurt and I would cry, begging daddy to stop. But as he did this often and I would still whimper during the forced sex, at some point I actually grew to enjoy anal sex with daddy. Often daddy’s little girl would even have an orgasm of her own.

But it wasn’t until I snuck out to meet a boy, then got caught climbing back in my bedroom window, that daddy decided it was time to take my virginity. Even though I hadn’t been an anal virgin for some time, I had never had a cock in my teen pussy. He said there was no way some little snotty-nosed boy was getting his little girl’s cherry, and daddy popped it right then and there.

Before I realized what was happening, he had thrown me down on the bed, forced my legs apart, and shoved his hard dick all the way in my tight pussy. I screamed, because it really hurt bad! But after a few minutes, I began to enjoy the feel of him pushing his hard cock pushing in and out, making my little tits bounce.  I thought ass-fucking was good, but I decided that I really liked having my wet pussy fucked. Instead of begging him to stop, I begged daddy to give it to me harder and harder until he filled my cunt with jizz!anal virgin

I don’t mind that daddy did that, because now that I have lost my pesky virginity, I’m free to fuck anyone I  like; just another  teen slut.

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