Cheating Wife

Original Story by Beth:


So many callers tell me about their sweet, shy, wife/girlfriend and how she would never ever cheat on him. Of course not; it’s just the thought that turns him on. Besides he thinks, my wife is too shy and conservative for that.

It makes me laugh when they say that because,  I have always felt that the shy girls are the real freaks. Maybe  deep down they know that their woman is capable of this. Not only capable, but likely to do this. Not just likely, but actually doing it. I tell them this and they get even more excited.. because they know it too. They know. You do too, don’t you?

You see the way she looks at other guys when you take her to the club; the bright eyes, flushed cheeks, tight nipples. Do you let her dance with other men now and then like a good, unjealous man would? Do you watch her from across the room, your heart beating a little bit faster than normal, a bit of sweat on your forehead? You feel a little nervous about where that guy is putting his hands on your woman. Why is he putting them so low? But more importantly, why is she letting him? You’re nervous, but your dick is getting hard at the same time. Wondering what would happen if your girl was not quite so shy, and had a touch of slut in her. Would she take the guy to the back of the club..tipsy, stumbling a bit..drop to her knees in front of him, and suck him off real quick? It wouldn’t take long. She could be done before you managed to make your way through the crowd to find her. Hot fantasy. Maybe. But it could be true.. it may very well be true.

Has your girlfriend/wife ever disappeared like that from you in the club? Got you wondering now, huh? You wonder now about those lunch dates with her girlfriends. “Bye honey!” Big smile, smootch, hug. Out the door. Back 2 hours later. Maybe your sweet girl was at your best friend’s house. Maybe your little honey was on his bed, on top of him, riding him. Can you see it? Your beautiful woman, hair down in her face, sweaty body, smile, riding your best friend’s cock. She’s moaning like she never does with you. Rocking faster on him. She’s loving the way he fucks her. Watch your wife be a slut. Can you imagine what she would look like and sound like when she cums? Practically screaming, shuddering. You’ve never seen her that excited have you? ‘Course you haven’t.

But you want to see it; you want to see her arch her back and moan. You want to see her get her ass slapped, begging the guy to stop because you might notice how red her ass is later; but seconds later she’s begging him to slap it again, and again, and again. Your sweet girl is a slut when she’s not with you, isn’t she? And the guy.. the best friend, or that big muscular black guy that delivers the mail, or some guy she met in a chat room.. can you see him? Grunting, sweaty, behind your woman; grabbing her hips tight, pulling her back on his cock. That’s your woman; your pussy getting slammed by a hard cock.

But it’s all just a fantasy right? Something to stroke your cock to and cum over the phone with me. Just a fantasy. Right?

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