Caught Cheating

Original story by: Cheating Wife Barbie


I never thought I would be one of those cheating wives, and I never planned it, but it just kind of happened.

My husband had been out of town on an extended business trip for almost two weeks, and by the time he was finally due to return, this horny wife was practically climbing the walls!

John, one of my husband’s co-workers, called and said my husband’s flight had been over-booked and he would be taking a later one, so he was dropping off some papers by the house. By the time he got there, I had already had several glasses of wine to drown my disappointment and sexual frustration because my husband would be late.

I don’t know how it happened. One minute John was standing there with the papers, and the next minute I was leaning over him on the sofa with one of his hands on my bare breasts and his other hand up my skirt. His mouth felt so good sucking on my hard nipples and when his hand touched my wet pussy, I almost gushed right then and there.


I glanced up, with his hungry mouth still sucking on my erect nipples, startled to see my husband watching us from the entrance way!

I was stunned for a moment, unable to move; but John just groaned encouragingly because I had stopped grinding against his hand that was teasing my shaved pussy. He had no idea we were being watched.

It took me a moment or two to realize that my husband wasn’t coming in; that he was just standing there watching his hot wife with another man, with a burning look in his eyes. Then it took another few seconds to realize that he had his cock out and was jacking off watching us!

I guess I should have been embarrassed, mortified, or something by being one of those wives caught cheating; but honestly, I was just turned on. It was so hot knowing my husband was watching his slut wife and getting off to it.


I just went right back to grinding against Tom’s hand while he fingered me until he brought me to a loud orgasm. Then I gave him a hot blowjob, sliding my hot wet mouth up and down his shaft, letting him cum in my mouth.

When I looked back towards the entrance way, my husband had silently left. I wonder if he had cum too, watching his wife giving head to a co-worker? God, that thought makes my pussy dripping wet. I bet he fucks this cheating wife harder than ever tonight!


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