Confessions from the Babysitter

Original Story by: Candie

So, I’m like, pretty sure Mr. Reynolds has a big fat crush on me. Every night when he drives me home from babysitting his two (unbelievably spoiled rotten) brats kids, he squirms in his seat, stutters when I ask him “innocent-ish” questions, (like “what was dating like when you were my age, Mr. Reynolds?”) and I just know if I were to turn on the lights in his car his face would be as red as my mom’s prize roses.


It’s gotta be tough for him. You should see the way he acts, even when his wife is around! His face is still all kinds of red, but he tries to hide it. He fumbles around, offering me Cokes and cookies while his wife just rolls her eyes. I guess she knows what’s going on.

Well, I mean…nothing is going on right now, but…well…not yet…not really, anyway. I do plan on it though. I’m going to seduce him the same way I seduced Mr. Perry (“call me Mike”) last year. Seduce…don’t you just love that word?!!! It makes me all tingly to think of the power a girl like me can have over grown and married men who really, you’d think would know better. : )

Mr. Perry (Mike) had been doing the same dance Mr. Reynolds is doing now for about three or four months. I was going home every night frustrated and horny, with soaking wet panties and nothing to show for it except a piddly 3 bucks an hour and migraines from dealing with the Perry twins. (UGH)

So I started slowly; I’d let my hand brush against his, and sometimes even up against that bulge in his pants. (the look in his eye when I did that made it almost seem painful, which made me giggle) I’d “fall asleep” on his couch right before he got home making sure my dress was hiked up just enough for him to get a good look at my barely there thong. One night I just happened to be soaking wet, naked and coming out of the bathroom after a long hot shower when he walked in the door. I stood there “in shock”, acting so embarrassed…I “must have lost track of time”…

The night I decided to make my move the twins were fast asleep. (isn’t Benadryl wonderful?) I snuck into Mike’s bedroom and began trying on some of his wife’s lingerie. She actually had some good stuff. I suspect Mike had been buying it though, because most of it still had the tags on it. I honestly started to feel a little sorry for him then.

Once I started playing dress-up with Mrs. Perry’s underthings, I did kind of forget where I was and what I was doing. I was just having fun trying on all the lacy lingerie and trying to figure out how some of them went on. I had managed to work my way into a black lacy body suit with the most strategic cut-outs when I heard an intake of breath. My heart began pounding. This was what I had been waiting for, and yet now, I did feel a little nervous.

I turned toward the door, unsuccessfully trying to cover the cut out areas with my hands. “Oh! Mr. Perry! Uhm…I’m sorry…I…”

He just stood there, staring. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking.

“Put your hands down, Candie…let me see.”

I dropped my arms and just stood there. I could feel cool air kiss my nipples as his gaze caressed them.

“Candie, come here.”

It was a command, but it sounded like a question.

I know I walked toward him, but I don’t remember doing so. The next thing I knew, I was standing in front of him, staring in his eyes. He didn’t move. So I reached up and kissed him, softly on the lips. Things moved so fast after that. We were touching and kissing, he was telling me how beautiful I am and how much he’d wanted me, and how he’d been fantasizing about me.

When he slid his fingers inside of me I was soaking wet. I’d been fantasizing about this for months, so it’s not surprising. He finger fucked me until I was practically begging for it. In fact, maybe I did beg for it, I really don’t remember now. And OMG! When I reached down to touch his cock…let me tell you…it was magnificent! He was nothing like the boys I toyed with at school. He was HUGE and hard and oh SO ready.


I wanted to get on my knees and take that extra large toy into my mouth, but Mr. Perry (Mike) didn’t let me. He told me he wanted this to last, and he wasn’t sure how much he could take. (giggle) He rolled over on his back and guided me on top of him. I worked my way down onto that enormous piece of meat nice and slow. It felt so good, I almost had an orgasm right then and there, but I held myself back; I wanted this to last too!

We did it every way I knew of from reading Cosmo and a few I’m not even sure they know about! Anyone who says old men (he’s in his 40’s!!!) don’t know how to fuck have never met Mr. Perry! I bet he was a stud when he was my age.

After we’d done it every which way, and finally satisfied ourselves, he did allow me to clean his beautiful cum-covered cock with my tongue. He tasted so good; like sex, and cum, and me all mixed together. I could have suckled on him all night. But it was getting close to three am. (When Mrs. Perry comes home) and I SO didn’t want to be the welcoming committee.

Mike must have agreed, because he threw away the body stocking he had at one point torn off of me, gave me $200. (for ONE NIGHT of babysitting!!) and told me to hurry. I actually had to walk home that night because Mr. Perry didn’t want it to seem odd that he was dropping me off so late. Whatever.

This went on almost every night for several months. I learned to give the perfect blowjob and I also became quite the anal slut. I’m not sure how he explained the way his wife’s lingerie kept disappearing, but that wasn’t really my problem. A few months later though, Mr. Perry explained to me that they would no longer be requiring my services; Mrs. Perry was pregnant (again!) and would be staying at home at least until the baby came. He offered to give my name to a friend of his who needed a sitter, and he just knew that I’d be very good to him…

So , like I said, I’m pretty sure Mr. Reynolds has  big fat crush on me. And I’m pretty sure I know why. I can’t wait to find out if he’s as good as Mr. Perry. I just LOVE babysitting!!

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