Called To Duty

Original Story by: Horny Amber It seems as though I have enjoyed the thought of being intimate with someone ever since I hit puberty. Porn didn’t bother me and in fact it seemed to do quite the opposite, porn turned me on more than it normally would for a typical teenage girl. I liked nudie […]

Train to Desire

Original Story by: Lady Leandra Amy was so used to the sound of the wheels of the train, clacking along the rails towards home every night after her last shift in the city. Sometimes she would set the alarm on her phone to the arrival time at her stop and half-doze the miles away. She’d […]

Slut Training 101

Original Story by: Sub Miss I hated him. With all my heart and soul, I really, truly, hated him. He was arrogant, conceited, contemptuous, the complete jerk package! He taught my first class of the day, and was the main reason I hated getting up in the mornings. After that, it was uphill the rest […]

Confessions from the Babysitter

Original Story by: Candie So, I’m like, pretty sure Mr. Reynolds has a big fat crush on me. Every night when he drives me home from babysitting his two (unbelievably spoiled rotten) brats kids, he squirms in his seat, stutters when I ask him “innocent-ish” questions, (like “what was dating like when you were my […]

Chasity Mistress

Original Story by: Mistress Luna Star Oh, he went on and on telling me how he always wanted to be forced to suck cock, but never could.  I smiled, nodded, looked as if what he said held any weight at all to it.  Of course it did not….but he didn’t know that. After a few […]

Pearl Of The Orient

Original story by: Ling – Burmese Beauty She was beautiful. That was the first thing he noticed. The long black hair hanging down like strands of liquid silk, flowing, shimmering in the light, almost alive in it’s beauty. The alabaster skin setting off the dark hair like a frame, the innocence in that face was […]

Pure Sex

Original story by: Shayne She slid down my cock, her pussy sucking me in inch by inch. She had an evil little grin on her face as she slid down the whole seven and half inches easily and then pushed down until even my balls got wet from her pussy. The whole time her big […]

Spring Break Surprise

Original Story by: Kissable Carol I was at my friends house spending a couple of days during spring break. Gary’s father had invited us down and when we got there had a little surprise for him. He introduced us to his finance when we arrived. I could see the look of anger in Gary’s eyes, […]

Riding Lessons

Original Story by: Alexxis The front door slammed behind me as I trudged into the house, face dirty, tugging at my riding gloves along the way. I was pissed and had a right to be. It seemed no matter how many times I tried to pull it off, I just could not get that stallion […]

My favorite pinky pecker

Original Story by: Shannon My friend Staci and I were at Macy’s the other day, when we noticed this guy sniffing around in the lingerie department, well not ACTUALLY sniffing, but you know what I mean..feeling the silky panties, looking at the nylons, stuff like that, thinking nobody was watching him. So we decided to […]

Interracial Cream Pie

Original Story by: Logan I wanted to tell you about my experience last night! I know a couple people out here that love to get fucked up, and they wanted me to go to a club with them, I don’t remember what it was called, I was just a little buzzed when we got there, […]

Webcam Trouble

Story Submitted by: Enchanting Eden Daddy’s Lil Pixie, that’s what he called her. She was his mischievous little sexy girl. She was, more often then not, either about to get into trouble, getting in trouble, or getting a well deserved and appreciated spanking for being in trouble. That’s the way they both liked it. She […]

The Watcher

Story Submitted by: Sexy Suzanne The phone rang at exactly 10:00 as always. Sandy picked it up but said nothing. Instead she listened for his harsh breathing. His breath was ragged and hurried, he was well into stroking his cock tonight. “Hello?” She said in a sweet demure voice. At the same time she slid […]

Sweet Caroline

Story Submitted by: Lovey Lorelei Caroline was my moms friend. I don’t remember a time when she wasn’t around, she was nearly a part of the family. She was a few years younger then my Mom and she was always fun. Whenever she baby-sat us it was always a great night. Games, and popcorn and […]

Fucked My Best Friends Married Brother

Original story by: Playful Pleasures It’s kind of a rule not to Fuck married men. It’s an even bigger rule to not Fuck your best friends brother, boyfriend, husband, anything to do with her life don’t Fuck them. I know that and I didn’t plan it to happen it just did. I’ve always had this […]


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